01 Oct Insight Rocket at eMetrics Summit Boston

Last Monday, we did a live demo of our Insight Hub for the full eMetrics audience. Joining me on stage was Caleb Whitmore from AnalyticsPros. Caleb shared his love of Google Analytics, but his recognition that it isn’t well-suited to executive dashboards, integrating disparate data, or publishing analyst insights. Caleb told of how in a recent deployment of Google Analytics Premium for a major travel company, they overcame these challenges by pairing GA with our Insight Hub. 

During the live demo I first shared the perspective of a digital analyst and how the Insight Hub reveals to them potentially newsworthy changes to investigate, and makes it easy for them to publish their findings in an integrated metrics blog.

I then turned to the perspective of a business stakeholder, and showed how the Insight Hub provides them with:
•  Executive-friendly dashboards spanning all of their marketing data

•  Metrics stories written by their analysts, supported by interactive charts and tables
•  A searchable repository with all of their organization’s metrics stories

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