09 Sep David Millrod is a Featured Speaker for the 2014 Tableau Conference, Seattle, WA

On Tuesday, September 9th at the 2014 Tableau Conference, David Millrod will share anecdotes from Insight Rocket’s work helping several Fortune 1000 companies embrace collaborative interactive storytelling. Insight Rocket brings together multiple data sources including CRM and web analytics and build their own portal to tell “metric stories.” A live demo of software they’ve developed by leveraging the Tableau JavaScript API will illustrate the power of blending images, words, and data visualization.

Multichannel marketing data has enormous potential power to transform businesses. Amazingly, it rarely does, primarily because most of the people that could most benefit from that data simply aren’t paying attention. Even great data visualization is unable to sufficiently and consistently keep them engaged.

Perhaps the best answer to unleashing the power of multichannel marketing is storytelling. Great storytelling isn’t just great visualizations with some embedded messaging. To activate the part of people’s brains that is hardwired to pay attention to stories, they need to be narratives told in sentences and paragraphs. Combining stories with interactive data visualizations can then make them crazy powerful.

But there’s a problem with that plan! How many people in your organization excel at data analysis, data visualization, design, and writing? While there may be a few, an even better answer is facilitating collaboration between individuals with those different skills.

Tableau Conference 2014 in Seattle, WA, September 8th–12th
Topic: Improving Multichannel Marketing Analytics through Interactive Storytelling
Date: Tuesday, September 9th 12:30pm – 1:30pm
Speaker: David Millrod
Location: 306

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