23 Apr DAA Webinar on Interactive Storytelling in Multichannel Analytics

Marketing analysts face two huge challenges. First, they must turn disparate multichannel data into business insights. Then equally importantly, they must compellingly share those insights. In this webinar, Insight Rocket’s David Millrod and Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide’s Iyiola Obayomi will share an educational, behind the scenes look at how their companies collaborated to address both challenges at a leading pharmaceutical company. While their examples will come from the pharmaceutical industry, the approaches they share to multichannel data integration and communication via interactive storytelling will be applicable to all. View the recorded presentation of┬áthe DAA Webinar on Interactive Storytelling in Multichannel Analytics.

David Millrod, Managing Partner of Insight Rocket, and Iyiola Obayomi, Practice Lead, Analytics and Consulting for Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide.

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