26 Nov The New Generation Of Digital Analysis Tools – Featuring Insight Rocket

On November 26, 2013, Online-Behavior.com developed by Cardinal Path featured Insight Rocket as one of the new generation of digital analysis tools. A generation where speed is king and customer data is united. If you’re been buried with reports and analysis from the typical tools then take a break and check out this modern analysis tool.

Insight Rocket

Automated multichannel storytelling is the way to think about Insight Rocket. This tool combines the reporting strength and flexibility  of Tableau with social commentary. This is particularly useful in larger companies where there may be multiple teams, brand and commerce for example, that defined the numbers in different ways. Ideally, everyone should be using the same metrics but this is not usually the case. The teams need a way to connect and agree internally. before data is surfaced as “truth” to management. Insight Rocket also has a strong data integration team to help break down data silos in the first place. So once data is combined and the Tableau reports are running, the analysts are free to dig into the data. Once the insight is found, it’s published just like a story and can be fed into email or an intranet system. Questions can be asked and answered right inline with the story. Insight Rocket pricing range from $2,000 to $10,000 per month depending on data sources and required support. View more of this article by Online-Behavior.com.

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