12 Nov Safe Data Democratization Through Storytelling

Live Demonstration & Discussion on Thursday, November 20th at 2:00 PM ET

Two weeks ago I participated in one of my favorite conferences of the year, EY’s X Change, this time in Scottsdale, Arizona. While each huddle I attended was on a different topic, several of the best focused on the challenges, risks, and benefits of democratizing access to data and data-driven insights:

  • EY’s Gary Angel opened the conference by claiming that “digital data is different” and sharing stories of how non-digital analysts often draw wrong conclusions when given access to digital data.
  • Facebook’s Brady Lauback moderated a huddle where the consensus was that aggregated (not raw) data is often safest to grant access to (but may not be rich enough for some analysts).
  • Segmenting your internal audience into different personas (for instance “Data Dreamers”) was a big topic in the huddle Colin Coleman of Turner Broadcasting led, with each persona given different tools and degrees of data access.
  • Although “Data Democratization” was the title of the huddle that Tom Lingdell from The Hartford moderated, many participants favored only democratizing insights and not data.
  • Then James Robinson from The New York Times led the huddle “I’m so smart… why aren’t they listening?”, where people agreed on the importance of timeliness, context, and brevity.


All of these conversations made me more confident than ever that we’re on to something important at Insight Rocket: storytelling as both a way of increasing analytics engagement as well as a vehicle for data democratization. Stories get people listening. Embedded interactive data visualizations get them engaged and creative. Finally, contextual access to the building blocks of those visualizations allows for safe data democratization.

The best way to fully experience this is to see it in action. On Thursday, November 20th, I will illustrate these concepts via a brief live demonstration of Safe Data Democratization Through Storytelling. I hope you can make it!

David Millrod
Insight Rocket’s Managing Partner



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