17 Jan Tableau and Insight Rocket: Better Together Webcast

Exciting news. Tableau’s industry-leading data visualization is now embedded into the Insight Hub, our revolutionary digital analytics acceleration platform.

Tableau’s visual richness and unparalleled ease of use can now unlock the value of yourAdobe Omniture, WebTrends, Google Analytics, and other digital analytics data. These interactive visualizations can easily be combined with analyst insights and published throughout your organization. The combined solution improves the entire digital analytics workflow:

Integrate: While you’re sleeping, the Insight Hub pulls all of your disparate digital data into an open, cloud-based data mart we maintain for you.  

Reveal: Each morning, our award-winning Dynamic Alert engine reveals where to focus your energies so that you can produce actionable insights.

Investigate: The Insight Hub has dashboards even an executive can love. Its innovative reports are ideal for analysts.

Now, Tableau allows you to visually explore your entire integrated data mart.

Publish: Metrics alone cannot tell a story.  Easily publish insights supported by live charts and tables, including those created by you in Tableau.

Make Tableau charts and dashboards part of your metrics stories.

Discuss: Each metrics story is the beginning of an online dialog within your organization, thereby fostering engagement and collaboration.

Join us on Thursday January 17th, 2013 at 1 PM ET for a live demonstration of this powerful combination of technologies. As part of the webcast, Tableau’s Russell Christopher will share a preview of soon to be released improvements in Tableau v8.

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