21 Nov Safe Data Democratization Through Storytelling Demonstration Video

Most organizations spend enormous effort tracking their business and marketing activities. Far too often, most of the potential benefit of that data is squandered by its inaccessibility. Data democratization has been touted as the solution, thereby allowing those with business questions to answer them without waiting on scarce data analysts. While exciting in theory, data democratization can be dangerous, potentially wasting time or even leading to wrong decisions. At Insight Rocket, we’ve pioneered the use of storytelling as a safe pathway to data democratization.

•  The potential of decentralizing data analysis
•  Data democratization dangers
•  Getting your organization hooked via storytelling
•  Safety through reusable building blocks and context
•  Why Insight Rocket is much more powerful than Tableau alone

Interested in seeing more?

If you’d like to see more of a comprehensive demonstration or learn how we can tailor our capabilities to suit your specific needs and goals, please send us a note and share with us what matters to you most. We’d be happy to learn more and discuss what makes sense for next steps – a discovery session and assessment, a custom demonstration for you and your department(s), a budgetary estimate, or simply an individual demo and QA session.

» Break down silos and integrate disparate data sources
» Monitor customer behavioral insights and trends with intelligent alerting
» Easily access and explore data visualizations and dashboards
» Create interactive metrics stories/reports and respond to questions quickly
» Share a link or present your interactive metrics story/report in real-time
» Simplify the internal communication and collaboration – no more messy email chains
» Get immediate feedback and communication from clients, stakeholders, and executives
» Manage your data and progress in one place – keep everyone on the same page
» Show clients and stakeholders how their business and campaigns have evolved
» Connect Insight Hub to your existing data warehouses and interact for your needs

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