Insight Hub, the first analytics storytelling platform of its kind.

Insight Hub brings business intelligence, multichannel marketing analytics and interactive storytelling together in one intuitive platform. With Insight Hub, you can view all your data in one place, create insights supported with live data, and empower decision makers to make data-driven decisions that lead to more impactful results.

 All of this means more time to analyze, deeper insights to share, and faster, smarter marketing decisions.


Automatically connect to any data source and view them in one place. Eliminate tedious work so you can spend more time on what matters – maximizing insights and making data-driven decisions.


Achieve competitive advantage through Insight Hub’s customer-centric approach. With Insight Hub, you are provided a single, holistic view of your customer enabling you to make smart marketing decisions.


Share dashboards and interactive stories with your organization and clients, quickly and easily. Provide live, interactive views of data and let users answer their own questions, right in a web browser.



Captivate your audience through immersive, interactive storytelling. Seamlessly combine data-driven narratives with live Tableau visualizations, images, video, and more and instantly share stories in your preferred format (email, PDF, PowerPoint decks, and more), all with the ease of Insight Hub’s secure web platform.


Insight Hub is an integration of the best-of-breed technologies, combining Amazon Redshift, Tableau Software, and our uniquely designed marketing intelligence software, all to create the first analytics storytelling platform of its kind. With Insight Rocket’s flexible data connectors, you can automate the retrieval of your disparate data into an Amazon Redshift database with the latest massively parallel processing (MPP), columnar storage, and compression. By leveraging our embedded Tableau data visualization, you can explore your integrated data and share your results effortlessly, all within Insight Hub’s consolidated platform.



Go beyond spreadsheets and basic reports and move to a fast, compelling, and visual way of presenting data. Join our product expert for a live demo, and see for yourself how Insight Hub can improve your current approach to your cross-channel marketing analytics. Simply, complete the request form and provide your preferred date and we will be in touch to confirm a time with you.

See how you can get the most out of your data.