The Insight Hub - Digital Analytics Acceleration

Boosting the efficiency, speed, and impact of Digital Analytics

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The Challenge

Marketers, analysts, and agencies are inundated with data about their digital properties and campaigns.  Most will tell you that they spend a majority of their time gathering and presenting data, leaving little time for interpretation and analysis.  Sadly, their reports are often only glanced at or ignored.  Only occasionally are risks and opportunities identified while they are still actionable.

The Solution

The Insight Hub is our cloud-based digital analytics acceleration service. It is tailored to the real-world workflow of marketers, analysts and agencies:


While you’re sleeping, the Insight Hub automatically pulls all of your digital analytics into a private data mart customized to your needs:

  • Web (e.g. Omniture, GA, WebTrends)
  • Display Advertising (e.g. DART)
  • Email Marketing (e.g. ExactTarget)
  • Social (e.g. Facebook, Twitter)
  • Benchmarking (e.g. comScore)
  • Mobile (e.g. Bango, AdMob)
  • CRM (e.g.
  • Corporate Data Warehouses

Whether you have data from multiple vendors, data about multiple digital properties, or both, Insight Hub’s acceleration will speed the process of bringing all relevant data together into a fully open and flexible data repository.


You’ve arrived at work, but which of thousands of updated metrics is potentially newsworthy? Which ones indicate a new opportunity or peril? Your best lead may be buried on page two of the seventh report on your list. Relax! The Insight Hub’s award-winning Dynamic Alert engine will greet you with an intelligently selected list of alerts every morning, culled from all of your data sources and sites, thereby revealing the best places to focus your energies and produce actionable insights.

Dynamic Alert


You’ve got all of your data in one place and intelligent alerts exposing the most fruitful leads. To further speed your investigation, the Insight Hub’s dashboards and reports are hand-built to your exact business needs. Our unique ChangeView technology blends alerting and reporting to further boost your efficiency:

For the ultimate in ad hoc data visualization and exploration, the Insight Hub now includes the full power of Tableau, widely recognized as the industry leader in ease of use.  Without the need for any programming, analysts can quickly create stunning interactive visualizations of the integrated data maintained for them within the Insight Hub data mart:


Metrics alone cannot tell a story. The Insight Hub is a full-featured publishing platform that allows marketers, analysts, and agencies to quickly and efficiently publish insights supported by live charts and tables.

Insight Hub demonstration  home page

Emails with Excel and PowerPoint attachments are replaced by a modern, interactive web portal focused on your organization’s metrics, thereby increasing the reach of your digital analytics efforts.



The key to maximizing the impact of digital analytics is promoting adoption across your organization. The Insight Hub encourages discussion about metrics and thereby increases engagement and participation.  Collaboration and dialog foster teamwork, innovation, and a metrics-driven culture.

By boosting efficiency, speed, and impact, the Insight Hub reduces costs and maximizes the benefits of your investment in digital analytics.

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