Boost Analytics Adoption Through Storytelling

Insight Rocket’s analytics publishing platform multiples the power of Tableau Server. Unlock the full potential of your data by enabling everyone within your organization to become storytellers without the need for Tableau Desktop or skills. 

Faster, Easier, Richer Storytelling

• Easily weave together text, interactive visualizations, imagery and a wide variety of non-Tableau content into engaging stories

• Enable team members without Tableau skills to tell interactive, data-driven stories

• Instantly publish stories to the web, mobile-friendly emails, PDFs, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint

• Embed dynamic data points from Tableau visualizations anywhere within your narrative

• Expand your analytics audience with executive portal, newsletters, collaboration and headline 

• Encourage dialog and collaboration through email-based commenting and story ratings


Accelerating and Democratizing Storytelling


Maximize Your Analytics Impact


Engage all of your stakeholders. Make more informed decisions by increasing engagement and adoption through storytelling


More timely is more actionable. Reduce effort required for data-based storytelling through reusable, dynamic templates.


More authors and bigger audience. Allow everyone to tell stories based on Tableau data and vizes without the need for Tableau Desktop or skills.

See how you can get the most out of your data.