Boosting Analytics ROI Through Accelerated Storytelling

Insight Rocket is software that unlocks the full potential of Tableau Server by enabling everyone within your organization to become storytellers without the need for Tableau Desktop or skills. 

Faster, Easier, Richer Storytelling

• Easily combine Tableau data and visualizations with narrative, imagery, video, and content from Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and PDF’s

• Instantly publish stories via web, email, PowerPoint, Word, and PDF’s

• Create dynamic templates with data from multiple Tableau workbooks

• Publish via email and web based on schedules or Tableau data alerts

• Promote collaboration with one click emailing

• Encourage dialog through email-based commenting and story ratings


Accelerating and Democratizing Storytelling



Reduce effort required for data-based storytelling through reusable, dynamic templates.


Allow everyone to tell stories based on Tableau data and vizes without the need for Tableau Desktop or skills.


Make more informed decisions by increasing engagement and adoption through storytelling

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