Insight Rocket for Tableau

Insight Creation & Delivery Platform

Multiply Tableau’s impact by democratizing insight. Capture the attention of your full audience & achieve far more than with Tableau alone. Deliver personalized data stories to anyone, just when they are needed. Extend your reach & boosts your analytics ROI.


Real Storytelling

It begins with a data-enabled, full-featured story editor where you can flexibly weave together any content.

Captivating and informing wider audiences is critical to your success, but Tableau is designed for interactivity they don’t have the time for. Insight Rocket leverages your existing vizzes while adding innovative ways of telling real stories that are concise, timely and in-depth.


  • Easily embed anywhere in a story.
  • Full control of filters & parameters.
  • Span multiple workbooks.


  • From summary or underlying viz data.
  • Select, rename, reorder, and format columns.
  • Embed as visible tables or as links to attachments.


  • Easy enough for anyone to author.
  • Insert dynamic text & data from vizzes.
  • Story elements can be conditional on viz data.


  • Images & videos
  • Excel, MS Word, PowerPoint, PDFs
  • Google Sheets & Docs
  • Amazon Quicksight


Achieving insight without interactivity requires anticipating audience questions and drilling down on their behalf.

Autofocus achieves this by dynamically cloning sections of a story for each of that moment’s top items (e.g. products, customers, employees). So for instance, a section with a viz, Tableau data table, and automated narrative might be cloned five times for each of a sales rep’s most active customers that day.

How is it better than Tableau Stories and Data Stories?

Tableau Stories are simply a way of sequencing the vizzes from a single workbook into a slideshow and adding captions for them. Insight Rocket stories can be in any style and format, much like those in newspapers or magazines. They also can weave together Tableau content from any workbooks with non-Tableau content to tell the full story. Insight Rocket stories can be handwritten, fully automated, or anything in between!

ChatGPT for Tableau

A deep, flexible integration between Tableau Server or Cloud and OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

  • Combine data across multiple vizzes as the input to GPT-4.
  • Access the full power of AI by authoring the perfect prompt.
  • Weave GPT-generated narratives with any other content to create rich, personalized stories.
  • Optionally, editors can review and curate stories before publication.

How is it better than Tableau Pulse?

  • Available for Tableau Server as well as Cloud.
  • Synthesizes across metrics & data sources for greater insight.
  • You have limitless control over prompts and data inputs.
  • Uses vizzes as data inputs, not just published data sources.
  • Option of editorial review.
  • Can be deployed in your private cloud with Azure.


Smart Subscriptions

Deliver just-in-time insights to your audiences in the formats they demand.

  • PowerPoint
  • Excel
  • Google Sheets & Docs
  • Email
  • Branded Web Portals
  • Slack & Teams

How is it better than Tableau subscriptions?

Tableau subscriptions solely send individual vizzes or whole workbooks via PDFs and emails (without usage analytics). They lack the features necessary for both avoiding information overload and delivering just-in-time news.

Data-Driven Bursting

Dynamically source distribution lists from any Tableau vizzes, then generate personalized stories for each recipient.

Most of the people who could benefit from your vizzes and data won’t proactively seek them out. You need to reach them with personalized insights at just the right moments. The right audience might be just a fraction of your tens of thousands of employees, customers, or students.

How is it better than Tableau subscriptions?

  • Identify recipients on the fly, including from external systems.
  • Dynamically determine the filters or parameters to set for each recipient.
  • Only render vizzes for targeted recipients—far more efficient than Tableau subscriptions.

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