Accelerating Tableau Storytelling Webinar

Join Us on Thursday, June 30th from 1:00-1:30 PM EDT

One of the areas within Insight Rocket for Tableau where we’ve innovated the most in recent months has been story acceleration. In this live demo, we’ll focus in on how Insight Rocket’s automation features can help you turn your data into timely, data-driven news stories, thereby moving you from sharing reports to engaging your internal audience via data journalism.

Register today for our webinar in which we’ll discuss:

»  Why accelerating the data storytelling process is critical to driving analytics engagement
»  How to provide clearer, more actionable information for decision makers
»  How a single Insight Rocket metatag can synchronize filters across sheets from multiple workbooks
»  Scheduling story publication, including automated checks for data completeness before emailing
»  Including dynamic data sourced from multiple workbooks within your story templates and headlines
»  Writing conditional stories, with content varying based upon thresholds against Tableau fields

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