View Webinar Recording on Boosting Tableau’s Impact Within Your Organization

How much of your organization is benefiting from Tableau-based insights? In many cases the honest answer is “just a small fraction of who should”. You’ve invested a significant amount in Tableau software, training, and ongoing visualization development, so shouldn’t measure and improve the ROI of those efforts? We believe you should and can. 

»  Why great vizes are only the beginning of captivating your audience
»  Who within your organization are the best storytellers
»  Ways to measure the reach and impact of your Tableau Server
»  How Insight Rocket marries data discovery with publishing
»  Accelerating storytelling with dynamic story templates
»  Triggering just-in-time stories and headlines with Tableau data thresholds

All webinar attendees will receive an individual email that contains Insight Rocket’s Tableau Server Engagement dashboard, which taps into Server’s database to provide essential KPI’s and trends on the reach and engagement of your Tableau Server. 

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